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Comment: disabled lady seeking help...

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Hi, My name is Adam I accidently came accrost this site. I do not know where you live but I have some basic knowledge that can help you. First I am a quad who has been on ssi for almost 11 years. In the past 8 years I went to college got a bachlors degree working on my masters. went to work (still kept my ssi and medicaid) and started my own non-profit organization. I also bought my own house and had the goverment remodel it for me. Here is ow you start: 1. call your local rehabilitation service commission. every state (county) has one. if you have a disability and qualify to go to school THEY WILL PAY FOR IT! 2. Go to look up social security red book. read it. this book will give you information on how to go to work and still keep some of your ssi. 3. Start a Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS). you can work part time go to school and get a car paid for without losing any ssi or medicaid. this is what I do for a living now. I am a social security benefit specialist. if you need my help email me at adamleap@ 

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I am a disabled male with a desire to start a small business, I am noticing that evrywhere I go looking for a grant it always says free until you start the application then they want you cc number for something. I have even gone back to school and gotten my degree in Business Management trying to give myself an edge. I wish when they say free the really meant free.
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Hi> I'm writing this to find help to keep my grandparents house which was on a reverse mortgage. I was told to fax funeral bill since death certificate wasn't available yet & financial durable power of attorney. Also the attroney faxed a copy of my grandfather's will showing he left house to me. Since then I have been told my fax was gotten on 2/18/09 & the attorney's was on 2/25/09. Then someone came to my door with a receipt like paper saying this is an attemp to collect a debt & etc. No company logo written in pencil with a number which went to IndMac Federal bank. I called & everyone was rude to me & said they were part of Financial Freedom The Reverse Mortgage Specialist. I called mortgage company & now they were being rude to me saying they never got faxes & it wasn't in the notes. I was told by one of thier customer service reps. I would get a letter in 30days & I would have to let them know my intentions of the house. Also that I had 6 months to buy or sell house. Now they act like they never talk to me & seem like they are trying to take the house from under me. I did find out that the mortgage company & the 800# on the statements are the same. I couldn't find an address for the mortgage company. I need help please. So if anyone has any info please let me know. I can be reached at email addy:

Thank-You For Letting Me Comment On This !!!

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Hi,I am a outgoing disabled female who is trying {sometimes conviningly} to lead a active full life.with thehelp of some dearfriends I've comea longway.but while Iwas inrehab learningto doeverything again I prettymuch sold all my material stuff to stayafloat. nNow thelittle bit I get from SSIalmost makes it? ifI don't eat orwearclothes or doanything thatsfun, orcosts money.  Needlessto say I'malot of fun to bearound.especially the naked part!I'm going to a workshop to applyfora grant for school but I still needa personal grant to pay off some old bills andto get a car.any ideas? I'll gladly trade a spaghetti dinner for anyhelp.{authentic}. thankyouanyone?

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loving friend

Family of 8 getting evicted because single mother lost her job. This wonderful woman named keisha davis, is a proud mother of 8. She has worked for years and years trying to take care of her loving children. She is a single mom, she needs help. Hopefully someone out there cares enough to read this message and help. I am a dear friend of hers, please contact me at if you are able to help her family.

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I am  a mother of two who has struggled with an illness called Endodimitriosis I have had 8 surgeries in 10 years and I am now unable to work I do go to school but that of course brings no income for now I need to figure out how to get access to government/federal grants or any other kind of money that is available that I don't have to pay back any time soon any help would be appreciated please post if you have any ideas

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Disabled lady i am disabled also but we don't have nothing

to do but  is watch tv and eat and i enjoy being here.

But the pain i can do without,each morning i feel so tired

but i don't let the pain stop me.

I have been through a lot to tell but i don't have time to

talk about it.

We should be praising JESUS name and thanking him

for all has don't.

Just keeps us here untill our work is done.

remember that JESUS is alway's on time. 


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Try calling local social services office (ours in NC has a program that helps cover heating/cooling costs for low/fixed income individuals- up to a certain amount). Our power companies also have a fund set up (not sure how to apply for this one though). Or call your local United Way, check to see if you have Cooperative Christian Ministies in your area they are there to help with prescriptions/food/shelter/heat/air costs also. Good Luck!

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I am a disabled female and have tried to secure help but cannot find any. I am interested in worling from home. I need a car, rewiring of door bell to indicate someone is at the door, a better indicator of smoke and fire, and I am using a cell phone which is hard to hear ring as well as individuals calling. I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and because of the inability of having a land phone the majority of the people here opted to have cell phones which I have retained.

I am looking for help  and I do not have monies to pay for a kit or whatever nor am I interested in illegal activities.

 If you cannot help, please forward this to someone who is willing to help.

May God bless you.

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i  am a widow .i get 951.00 tolive on because i am disabled. my rent is 500.00,  amonth    ,plus every other month i am paying 450.00 for propane gas heat,it takes everything idraw to pay bills , is there any help from the government for people like me, shouldnt the government  be taking care of its own people instead of spending money on iraq, there are people hurting in our own country. those two contries have been fighting for centuries and will continue until the end of time its unlikly that george bush will end itcome on people help me out.

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If I may make a suggestion to dukeuc86,lower the price of your e-book,because anyone on a fixed income cannot afford $19.95. Lower to $5.95,and sell it on ebay! And be careful as you can only make up to so much money if you are receiving disability and earning extra money to survive. Also remember that on the Montel Williams show they advertise how people can get their medicine for reduced or at no cost. Then sometimes there are certain states in the USA that have perscription coverage for free for the residents of their state. You might want to add more information for people that are disabled. You have to create a book that will be helpful to the disabled,similar to their phone book. Besides having phone numbers the phone book also has other information handy. Just a thought.

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I was in a car wreck about 17 years ago, which left me disabled. I am trying to make a living from my home computer. I have written a book entitled A Little Book of Hope. The book has 18 drug companies that offer their medications free to people with incomes $18,000 or less. The list of medications the companies carry are listed in the book. Names of company and the toll free numbers are also listed. I have used the book myself for my prescriptions. The book sales for $19.95. To purchase this booklet please write me at I will give you my address and send the book to you. God bless and have a wonderful day. Sherry

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I am a widow single mom disabled with fibromyalgia, arthritis all over my body, spinal bulging discs, bursitis, and knees that the doctors won't operate on cause they say i am too young. I recieved my BA in 2001 but have not had an interview. I am on disability $600 a month. I get food stamps and occasional emergency fund for electric bill. I have a problem too financial. My daughter is in her freshman year at WCU and never has money to buy the clothes she needs to wear. I haven't bought clothes in 15 years. Now the landlord who left me buy this doublewide trailor which I owe $70,000 on yet is trying to foreclose because i am behind on the payments which he set up so this would happen. He did not escrow anything and i am trying to come up with $200 for taxes--$540--monthly pay--$1080--behind--and home owners insurance of $145. Plus electric--phone--tv--paper stuff that food stamps do not cover. My daughter and I cannot get a finacial loan to pay this guy off and we don't have enough income to get a mortgage. I want to move and we have to find owner financing which is almost impossible. That is what got me here. I need a car cause a guy is ripping us off for $3,700 for a geo prism that the engine is going out. It has broken down already twice. I owe him around $2000 more. We can't get a car for the same reason's we can't get a mortgage. Can anybody help us? I am so ill and can't work. I keep looking for something that will work around my disabilities but nothing has shown. Please if someone could help email me at and I will gladly answer any questions or information more needed. Sincerely--Lynette

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I am on disbaility and drowning in credit card debt. Need help soon or just might as well give up and die.

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rose rivera

also, i getting to the point to where i cant walk. i have tried already for a year to get a scooter, with medicaid, but no luck, you see too many people lied to the medicaid and either they were really not disabled as they were suppose to be and they were able abled to get a scooter or a wheel chair, therfore so many dissabled people are left with no way to get around.

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rose rivera

hello, my name is rose, sounds beautiful but i am any thing but that.i need a teeth makeover, i had a few of my teeth pulled about 6 years ago only to have dentures made but i never could afford them, since then the few teeth that was left in has now either rotted away and crumbled and i have teeth that has crumbled the top of tooth and my rest of the tooth is the gum, you see i have many health issues so severe they are terminal, i just wish i could be able to eat and chew before i die. any one out ther and could help please get a hold of me. thank you very much

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I am a chinese woman 40 divorced , live with my daughter of 8 years old, wish to find a job as a maid to help disable person, pls call me +86-0571-85504389

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hello we are a couple who are adopting a little disablied girl from kenya we are looking for $100.00 to put towards her airfare if anyone can help us we would be so grateful we would love to bring her home fro christmas thankyou

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Hi my name is Kit. Don't like to speak of my disability but it's there to remind me every day. I'm seeking a grant for a new roof on my home being that the water and bats are and have become environmentally not safe. With winter around the corner I pray that some assistance comes my way. thanks for listening

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